Cassie Hassel

Cassandra L. (“Cassie”) Wall Hassel lives in Bellefontaine, Ohio.   Cassie’s love of art started at the age of five when she won an award for a painting of a ship, and she hasn’t stopped drawing since.  She feels God has blessed her with this gift, for which she is thankful.  In turn, she enjoys sharing her gift with others.  Cassie studied at the University of Cincinnati.SONY DSC

Artwork by Cassie Hassel is a palette of passion, mixed with practice, patience, perseverance and praise, all of which has kept her, in a world of her pride, enjoyment at work, her talent, an artist.

Cassie works in a variety of media, including acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil, pencil, pen and ink and pastels.  She particularly enjoys working in color, soft, in pastel hues and shades as dark as the night.  Her subject matter varies, ranging from portraits to animals, still life to landscapes, realism to abstract, the usual to the unusual, the fun to the thought provoking.

Commissioned artwork by Cassie is welcomed.