Spring 2015 SLOW ART DAY !

Slow Art Day 2015

Please join us on Saturday, April 11th at the Bellefontaine Gallery at the Holland to participate in Slow Art Day.  As they say on the Slow Art Day website – “perhaps it should be held on Valentine’s Day each year, because Slow Art is really about loving art in a way we often share with loved ones.”

“Spending slow time gazing into a loved one’s face, seeing all the detail and finding surprises and insights is how we get to know another person.  It is the same with art. Spending time and slowly looking gives us insight, surprise, joy, wonder, understanding, perhaps bewilderment, and most important our own experience that effects mind, body and something deeper.”

Slow Art Day is a worldwide, shared experience where on the same day every year small groups of people gather to visit an art museum or gallery in their city or town. Instead of the usual few seconds of looking at a piece of art, Slow Art Day participants engage in activities that encourage spending  5 to 15 minutes or longer viewing each piece of art.  The participants simply view art on their own, without a docent or art historian to fill them in, thereby experiencing their own thoughts, feelings and insights.  Participants can look at the art, sketch, journal, meditate, or whatever works for them (as allowed) to get to know the art.

Right now there are many sites around the world that will have a Slow Art Day experience in 2015. Slow Art Day started in 2009 with four people at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.  Last year hundreds took part at many locations, on all continents. All the hosts are volunteers; there is no cost to attend. Please go to the Slow Art Day website (http://SlowArtDay.com) to learn more.



Slow Art Day will be held at the Gallery at the Holland

on Saturday, April 11th from 11 am – 2 pm 


Gallery at the Holland

127 East Columbus Avenue

Bellefontaine, OH  43311