POST PONED Right Brain Drawing Methods with Annie King




Get ready to have your eyes opened; start SEEING instead of just looking!

Drawing, like learning to read, is not dependent upon talent. Given the proper methods every person is able to learn the skill if they have determination and put in the work/practice. This workshop will provide you with exercises that will cause a cognitive shift to the right hemisphere of the brain and make perception, seeing and drawing attainable.  This course is for people who are on a beginning level and individuals who want to improve their drawing skills. You will have a variety of exercises that help you to switch to the right side of the brain, then you will begin to draw from life and from photos. The workshop will be on 4 consecutive Thursdays, with an hour break for lunch. Participants will be required to purchase  “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Workbook” by Betty Edwards (the definitive 2nd edition) and some simple drawing tools.  A supply list will be given upon receiving your application. QUESTIONS: Call Annie at 937-210-0941.  REGISTER HERE.