VIRTUAL Digital Art Exhibition & Sales Workshop



Saturday, June 12th, 2021  3:00PM – 8:45PM

This informative workshop will be instructing you on how to sell your art, craft or product on line. The lesson will begin with photographing your artwork and the use of digital editing and correction. It will also cover the management and online storage of your artwork.
Self hosting your artwork will be presented next and will explain website development, both free sites such as WordPress, as well as self managed, paid websites. The use of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will be explained.
Online art exhibition platforms will be the next portion of the workshop. Fine art print on demand, fine art physical sales and fine art consumables will be covered.
The workshop will be instructive for any business wanting to have an online presence. The concluding portion of the workshop will be using digital tools to sell face to face. This will include building a price sheet, using QR codes, and using mobile platforms such as mobile credit cards and a mobile gallery on a tablet.