VIRTUAL Creating Digital Art


Saturday, June 5th, 2021  3:00PM – 6:15PM

Workshop participants will be introduced to a variety of software for digital creating, such as Adobe, free resources, and apps. Physical tools such as your phone, computer and creative accessories will be explored for their use in creating digital artwork. The class will cover methods of storing and exhibiting digital artwork. Printing, framing/mounting, digital exhibition and online exhibition will be investigated.
Participants will need: A laptop, tablet or phone for web browsing, cell phone camera or camera for photography, and a laptop, tablet or phone for creation of art.
About the Instructor:
Matt Swift is the part-time Production Assistant for Nicolettecinemagraphics. His roles include general oversight of productions, graphic design, digital restoration, cinematography, audio recording, video editing, and much more. Matt spends most of his time as the Program Coordinator for OSU’s Film Studies Program.