***********MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT***********

Due to the grant awarded to the Holland Theatre’s continued renovation efforts, this unfortunately means our Gallery space is being repurposed to accomodate their efforts to improve theatre goers experience.

What does this mean for The League? Well, a couple things:

Firstly, our fundraiser “Not So Bad Art by Good People” will need to be shelved this season. It will return next year.

Secondly, The League has begun a complex search for a new space that better serves the community, and fits The League’s needs. Please stay tuned for information regarding a community survey we will be rolling out in 2019. This survey will better assess what Logan County wants and needs from our organization, and influence what we will be looking for in our new space.

In the meantime, our members still have work on display at the YMCA, Mary Rutan hospital, and the courthouse annex building. And of course if you need to communicate with any of our members, feel free to message us on our Facebook page if you need to be connected with them, and the page admins will be happy to assist.

We all appreciate the communities support through this transition!

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