Not-So-Bad Artist Feature: Randy Marker

Marker ArtA local builder is hoping his contribution to the Logan County Art League’s “Not So Bad Art by Good People” fundraiser will build a little peace and goodwill on earth.

Randy Marker, president of Thomas & Marker Construction, is submitting an acrylic piece that features a map of the world overlaid on a large white peace sign.

“My submission is entitled Change and it seemed timely and timeless with all the unrest in our world,” Mr. Marker said of his painting. “The selection of vibrant acrylic colors was influenced by the beautiful work and colors used by local artists including Wanda Stahler, Lea Lewis, Joanne Ritter and others.”

With a little formal training under his belt, Mr. Marker said he welcomed the challenge.

“I did study art in college; OK, maybe one course,” he said. “I jumped at this opportunity to do something different, something outside my comfort zone. I embraced it as an opportunity to learn, and I did just that. I learned to better appreciate the skills and gifts of accomplished artists.”